Class Act performance Packages

Our goal at Class Act is to simplify the booking process for you.  We will work together to figure out which package applies to your event and then can discuss any additions and/or modifications that you might be interested in.  Please remember that we pride ourselves on being flexible and will work with you to help ensure you get the party of your dreams.  Here are our packages:

class act local:

  • This is for events that take place within 30 miles of our home-base of Doylestown, PA.
  • This package includes the following:
    • Standard 4-hour reception
    • Full 7-piece band consisting of a Vocalist, Keyboard/Vocals, Guitar/Vocals, Bass/Vocals, Drums/Vocals, Saxophone/Vocals, and Trumpet 
    • Professional sound equipment with a professional sound man
    • Continuous live music during the dance set (Class Act usually only takes one break during the evening)
    • Emcee services
    • Personalized playlist based on the official Class Act song list
    • Up to (2) new songs learned just for your event 

class act Local Plus:

  • This is for events that take place 30 - 60 miles from Doylestown, PA
  • This package features everything above but includes an additional fee for distance traveled

class act extended:

  • This is for events that take place over 60 miles from Doylestown, PA
  • Pricing for this package is as follows:
    • The base price comes from our "Local Plus" package
    • An additional $0.58/mile will be added on for each musician.  This is in accordance with the standard IRS reimbursement rate and ensures that all musicians will be compensated for distance traveled.

Optional add-ons (please note that there is a "per musician" charge for each service):

  • Ceremony Music
    • Solo piano
    • Solo acoustic guitar
    • Piano/Saxophone Duo
    • Piano/Guitar Duo
  • Cocktail Hour Music
    • Solo piano
    • Solo acoustic guitar
    • Piano/saxophone Duo
    • Piano/Saxophone/Drums Trio (if cocktail hour is in the same room as the reception)